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Our hobbys are, among other things, bicycling, hiking and photography; therefore we have chosen active and creative as the name of our site. Hopefully are photos and tips will generate extra enthousiasm for others who are interested in these areas. We welcome your suggestions and contributions to this site.






We enjoy backpacking because it allows us to get farther into the wilderness than day hikes. It is more of a chance to experience nature on it's own terms in stead of being surrounded by people and the environments they create. One of our favorite areas to backpack is in the Sierra Nevada in California.

We are in the process of constructing this section of our website and plan to include reports and photos of some of our backpacks in the Sierra.

We have published our 2006 backpack story. See the "Hiking" page.

Climbing towards Donahue Pass during the 2006 backpack





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