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During the last 15 years we have cycled a lot through Holland and made one or two week trips through neighboring countries as Belgium, France and England. We have seen that alle these countries have expanded their cycling network considerably.

In the Netherlands in the early nineties a large network of long distance cycle routes was established. The name starts with LF followed by a number. Most of the routes were sighposted in both directions (a and b) during those years. The network is now more or less complete and connects with the German and Begian network.

Some routes are built around a theme, or go through specific areas (coast, along or between rivers, along the border, etc.)

Of nearly all the signposted routes a book is available with maps en instructions. Information about these books and an overview of the routes is available from Fietsplatform Nederland

In several areas in the Netherlands and Belgium you can ride from one numbered junction to the next. At all junctions you can find a map of the area showing all the junctions and their number in that area. You can plan your route by writing down the junction numbers you need to complete your route.

All LF and junction based routes follow paved and unpaved roads and tracks with very low or without car traffic

Flanders in Belgium has a big network of routes with numbered junctions and also a 900 km circular route, of which we rode about 700 km in 2000.

England has Sustrans an organisation very active in establishing a cycling network in the UK. The 1:50000 OS Landranger maps will help you in finding a route over quited roads and lanes.

Also France has a lot of quiet roads through beautiful villages (Plus Beaux Villages), very suitable for bicycling and for planning of short or long trips.

Of all these possible trips a lot of travel logs can be found on the Internet.


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